"It is true, the spoken word enlightens both the spirit and the soul. Indeed, the HENDRICK’S Master Distiller can often be heard talking at length to her ‘two little sweeties’ – the delightful and peculiarly small copper pot stills from which the most unusual gin flows."

TANTRIC SEX: An Avenue to Pleasure
With Mike Lousada

Thursday the 2nd of June 2011
Doors at 6 pm, Talk commences at 7 pm

Tantra is an ancient spiritual tradition where expanded orgasm is considered a direct path to spiritual enlightenment. Tantra pre-dates Hinduism and Buddhism, but still exists in India and Tibet alongside these mainstream religions.  The Western world on the other hand has a disfunctional relationship with sex, but returning to the ancient wisdom of tantra teaches us how to embody the divine within ourselves and to use our sexuality with awareness for expansion and pleasure.  In his lecture, Mike will introduce a few of the techniques and explore how Tantra empowers us to open to bliss through the mindful use of our sacred sexuality. 

Mike Lousada
Mike Lousada is a a fully qualified Reiki practitioner and shamanic healer. He trained in Sacred Sexual Healing with one of the leading practitioners in this field, Baba Dez, founder of the Sedona Temple. He is currently taking a three year course in transpersonal psychotherapy to give depth, variety and versatility to his work. His approach is informed by that of David Deida, Osho, Jung, Robert Bly, Ken Wilbur and Roberto Assagioli. He has worked in men’s groups since doing the Mankind Project in 2003 & carries this awareness in masculine presence, creating a sacred space where female clients are able to reclaim their feminine power & to reconnect with their own inner goddess. www.heartdaka.com

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