"It is true, the spoken word enlightens both the spirit and the soul. Indeed, the HENDRICK’S Master Distiller can often be heard talking at length to her ‘two little sweeties’ – the delightful and peculiarly small copper pot stills from which the most unusual gin flows."

Dr. Peter

Thursday the 28th April 2011
Doors at 6 pm, Show commences at 7 pm

What connects Roman Abramovich in his super yacht and the Buddhist nun Tenzin Palmo who spent years living in a small cave in the Himalayas? When we gaze in reverence at the generosity of a bodhisattva, why can we see the shadow of the Marquis de Sade at the gate to enlightenment? And when Freud ‘discovered’ the link between the female nose and clitoris, what was it that he was struggling to protect and what does that tell us about the sex life of peacocks and narcissistic disturbance in childhood? In a journey that moves from meditation to murder and ends in the pleasures of Tantric sensuality, Dr. Peter explores the psychology of sex, power and human gullibility to give us a disturbing glimpse into what our future as a species might bring, from what places we can draw hope, and why we should burn the bestselling book ‘The Secret’.

Dr. Peter
Dr. Peter is an expert in the outer edges of human behaviour. He is also an entrepreneur, spin doctor and a frequent contributor to a wide range of television programmes. He also holds the rare distinction of being asked to leave the Crimewatch studio for being inappropriately dressed one hour before he was due to give a live broadcast.

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