The Hendrick’s Lecture Series

A Theatrical Evening of Ghost Raising Entertainment…

with Professor Mervyn Heard  

Walpurgisnacht – Monday the 30th April 2012 Two seatings: 1st – Doors at 6 pm, Show commences at 7

2nd – Doors at 8 pm, Show commences at 9

“Astonishment seized me. My bones shivered within me. My flesh trembled over me. My lips quaked. My mouth opened. My hands expanded. My knees knocked together. My blood grew chilly, and I froze with terror.”

Such is the might of the magic lantern,on the day of the Witches’ Sabbath, Walpurgisnacht, Professor Mervyn Heard will conjure up the black art of Phantasmagoria with his 19th Century Magic Lantern. Watch and behold as skeletons waltz across the wall and nuns bleed to their death despite a life of virtue.

Professor Mervyn Heard
Professor Heard is a professional lanternist who has presented shows in a variety of venues in over 16 different countries. Past international venues and audiences have included: Tate Britain, the Royal Opera House, the Cinemateca Junior in Lisbon, The Museo Nazionale in Turin, Blists Hill Victorian Town and the Hankyu department store in Japan.

“…19th century history has never been so fresh, so entertaining or quite so surprising.” — The Guardian

Talks at 11 Mare Street – please click here to buy tickets