The Hendrick’s Lecture Series

CECIL BEATON – Malice in Wonderland

with Hugh Vickers

Cecil Beaton moved easily through the world of mid-20th-century celebrity, photographing, caricaturing and sleeping with the people he met along the way. What was his secret? Hugo Vickers thinks he produced a kind of magic and in his lecture will examine exactly how. Not only did he photograph most of the interesting, alluring and important people of the 20th century, but he made them look stunning. But there was more. He was a traveller, arbiter of taste and fashion, war photographer, painter and exceptionally wicked caricaturist. He was able to mix with actors, painters, musicians, film stars, society figures and, later in life, the wilder representatives of the so-called “Peacock Revolution” of the 1960s. He managed to elevate himself from being a star-struck young man gazing at his idols in the street to a favoured guest at their tables

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